What are penny stock parabolic runners?

Parabolic runner (aka: hockey stick)

Parabolic runner refers to the chart and price action shape (parabolic) which forms steep increase in an intra-day and/or daily chart of a particular penny stock (it rarely happens to higher priced stocks ).

Why can penny stocks run that high and that fast? It takes more than one paragraph to explain that, and we answer that question in our training section. Understanding that will enable you to take advantage of it.

Stocks that can exhibit that type of behaviour (hockey stick runner chart) are the most valuable stocks to day trade or scalp due to huge price changes (from 2-fold to even 10-fold!). Most of the parabolic runners run multiple times and have many other runs (not only parabolic). As a matter of fact, a lot of parabolic runners are also often multi-day or even multi-week runners. You can trade them many times, not just once.

In our training, we focus on stocks that are good candidates for parabolic runners or already have proven to be one. You can trade them long or short.