What Are The Fastest Growing Penny Stocks?

Before we dive deeper, I want to remind you of my definition of Penny Stocks. It is not a stock under 1 cent, 1 dollar, or 5 dollars. I trade even $15 priced stocks as long as they move enough (20% or better in minutes). I usually do not trade stocks under $1 (very seldom) and never trade stocks priced 1 cent or less.

So, what really are the fastest growing penny stocks?

Well, it depends. If you know a little about the history of Penny Stocks, you will notice the following: the best penny stocks you want to buy change constantly.

For many years, people were trading so called “pumps & dumps” and made a lot of money, but those stocks have almost disappeared (for many reasons, some being legal reason). Now it is very difficult to spot them, and most of the stock promoters are gone.

In 2016, shipping stocks were the hit of the season. The shipping stocks came and went. They may comeback one day. but who knows.

In 2017, the best stock movers were bitcoin-related, especially at the end of the year. The bitcoin stocks came and went. They may appear again on our stock scanners and run, but when?

In 2018, we had an eruption of cannabis stocks, but as you might have guessed, theirstrength is almost gone already.

So, when you have learned a particular type of stock and started getting decent results, that stock is no longer a good runner.

What if you could learn a type of stock that will probably never be gone, and runs big every day? What am I talking about? The Biotech Penny Stocks!

What are Pharmaceutical Penny Stocks (biotech segment)?

The Pharmaceutical Stocks have been on the market for a good while already, and people are avoiding them because traders think that they are too difficult to trade and you need to be a doctor (or have similar understanding of biotechnology) to trade them. Nothing is further from the truth.

Biotech Penny Stocks work like any other Penny Stocks but with a little twist. They run more, better, and more often than average penny stocks. Do you know why? Because they have many more catalysts to run. Typical stocks will run on earnings, contracts, or acquisition, but in the case of the biotech stocks, you have to add about 6 more positive catalysts and a few negative! That's a lot of reasons to run! They are great for SHORTS and LONGS!