What is Penny Dir?

Penny Dir ( PennyDir.Com ) is for both absolute beginners and more experienced penny stock day traders. We have three main sections: Penny Stocks Directory, Penny Dir Training & Penny Dir Alerts.

Penny Stocks Directory with over 1000 best penny stocks to watch.

In short it is a penny stocks list of former runners (mostly NASDAQ).

How is that relevant to your success?

Stock that did run will run again, so it is vital to know the top penny stocks to buy!
Why? Because these are the hot penny stocks that are traded in many chat rooms by majority of day traders. If somebody traded fast moving stock they will remember its ticker and will trade it again and again. The more people trade particular stock the bigger its move!

Tickers that moved in the past, have more chance of moving big again on any sign of an increased volume. As a part of Day Trader decision making you must take into account the past performance of the stock you plan to go long or short. If you are new to penny stocks you will have no knowledge of the past performance, so automatically you will be at the disadvantage to long time traders. But even if you trade for a year or two in one of the chat rooms or from alerts, you will get very little to none of a ticker history. You may remember a few stocks you traded or people talked about in your chat room but what about the rest?

We did the exhausting hard work for you, creating a list of most active penny stocks, and we keep working adding new tickers every month.

Penny Dir Training

This section is mostly for beginners, but it also may be of use to more experienced traders, who didn't watch many lessons from Penny Stock Gurus.
We focus on most known setups/patters that are traded in many chat rooms by countless day traders and scalpers. The more people trade particular pattern the more reliable it becomes.

Penny Dir Alerts

We publish weekly or daily alerts of stocks that may fall into patterns we have discussed in our training. This will help you prepare your own watchlists and learn to create alets on your own.