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PennyDir.Com is an educational and informational website, built to educate beginners that start with a small amount of money and are willing to learn.

Pharmaceutical Penny Stocks - Most Promising Penny Stocks

The most promising penny stocks on the market are biotech penny stocks (priced $1-$20). They often move 20%-30% in just a few minutes or even 50%-300% if the news is right. And the best part is that they are not one-off stocks. They run again and again, day-by-day, week-by-week,

So, once you learn to trade them, you will use it over and over again.

Biotech stocks have a future! Shipping stocks came and went, bitcoin stocks came and went, cannabis stocks came and went (almost) but biotech stocks are here to stay.

Why interest in Penny Stocks? I'm interested in Penny Stocks (priced $1-$20) because they are the only stocks that can help multiply your money in short time even if you have very little money to start with.

PennyDir Training - Learn to Earn

There are at least a few good training websites to learn how to trade penny stocks and day trading stocks, in general. Those which are really good will cost $2000, $4000, or even $8000 (some do not show highest prices) for 1 year’s access. In some, you have to pay additional money ($100s per set) for online lessons covering more material.

Are you ready to spend that amount of money without knowing if it will actually work for you?
$2k - $10k is as much as you need to open a broker margin account to actually trade Penny Stocks (Interactive Brokers require 10k).

Why don't you try our training first, pay a fraction of the cost, and save your money for real trading? At least you will get a much better understanding of Penny Stocks and trading before you commit to expensive training, hence it will be more effective for you. At best, you may find out that you already know enough and can do fine on your own.